Friday, July 21, 2017

The Minneapolis Nightmare




The shooting of an unarmed woman by a Minneapolis police officer could and should have been avoided.

City and County officials abnegated their entrusted power by allowing Minneapolis police officers to thwart established police policies that are in place to protect both the police and citizens. 

There exist a lack of oversight, accountability and enforcement of Police Department rules and regulations by the Minneapolis hierarchy.  This lack of oversight is tantamount to negligence. 

Why would city officials place two "rookies" in the same squad?
Why did both officers violate police policies by failing to engage their body cameras on an active 911 call?
Who are their supervisors that condone this behavior ?
Why was the car camera off ?
Why did officer Noor have his weapon unholstered during a 911 call when no reference was made to any weapons?
Is this behavior modus operandi of the entire police force ?
We would hope not!

The manslaughter of Justine Damond illuminates the failures of the Minneapolis Police Department, revealing a glaring lack of leadership,  management, supervision, training and lack of commitment to the community.

Body cameras and squad cameras are provided to protect both the police and the public. Cameras record events in real time without bias, prejudice, lies or deceit.  Cameras are a valuable tool used in investigations to glean valuable information.  This gleaned info is often used for future education and training purposes.

When officers can act with indifference towards policies and procedures that are in place to protect all concerned individuals,  then one must look higher up the the chain of command to determine who also bears responsibility for these blatant transgressions and violations of written policy.

The blame appears to go well beyond the scope of Minneapolis Police Chief  - Janee Harteau , it also falls into the Mayor and County Attorney's offices.

Who is the top cop in Hennepin County?
None other than Mike Freeman.

Who is the top dog of Minneapolis government?
Mayor Betsy Hodges.

Both Mike Freeman and Betsy Hodges also bear responsibility for the failings of the Minneapolis police department. They both have abnegated their power as trusted overseers of the police department.

When Ms. Damond was manslaughtered , police officers Harrity and Noor were in violation of numerous written policies and procedures of the Minneapolis police department.
One can hardly believe that these were their first offenses of department policy.

A simple public records request would establish that these violations of written department policy are part of a system wide failure of the entire police department. 
A plague ! 

 Minneapolis government is plagued with derelict, indifferent and  incompetent officials who fail to follow their own written rules.
Rules that protect both the civil servant and the public.

Think about this: Cops are empowered to use deadly force, and when they do, they often invoke their Fifth Amendment right to not self incriminate. It is their right as a citizen.

But here is the conundrum:
When cops do invoke their Fifth Amendment rights, they often have done something wrong, usually criminal.
They have intimate knowledge of an incident and refuse to cooperate with an active police investigation. In doing so , they are now in violations of the criminal charge of obstruction. Despite the facts presented of the crime, they are not immediately arrested. At this point they stand above the law.  Law enforcement are not charged or arrested for the crime of obstruction and are allowed to go freely about their business.   Bureaucracy stands in the way of justice.

It only takes a few bad actors to corrupt an entire department.

Contrary to what Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman might think, police are not above the law. 

There can be no other side shows.


A badge does not protect the officer from criminal charges.

Arrest officer Noor for the criminal act of obstruction - NOW !

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